This was a challenge issued on the SmutScape mailing list to write a 55 word story.

Thanks to all that participated!

TITLE: "No Hurry"
AUTHOR: Aiobheann
PAIRING: John/D'Argo
SUMMARY: Death Story. Spoilers for "Family Ties."
Answer to the 55 word fic challenge -- begins just before the
final credits of "Family Ties."
NOTES: I'm crying. Again. Damn you, Rockne O'Bannon!
DISCLAIMER: Henson's, not mine. If they were mine, I
wouldn't be so frelling mean to them! The words alone
belong to me, copyright Aiobheann, 2000.
FEEDBACK: Yes, please.
ARCHIVE: Yes. DARGO Fic Archive, Aiobheann's
Farscape Slash, Smutscape. All others, please ask.

"Aeryn? It may not matter. D'Argo's unconscious."

No hurry now. My suit's still got a quarter-arn of air left. But
that's not important. If D'Argo's -- if he's gone, I'm half dead
anyway, and even if Aeryn picks me up, I'll spend the rest of
my days waiting to finish dying.

No hurry. Not anymore.


From: Aiobheann <>

TITLE: "Soul to Soul"
AUTHOR: Aiobheann
PAIRING: John/Stark
RATING: PG-13 Suggestion of m/m sexual activity.
SUMMARY: My first 55 word fic -- 55 words exactly, in
fact. John and Stark, afterward.
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, Henson's, no infringement
intended. Words all mine, copyright Aiobheann, 2000.


"What was it you showed me?" John asked.

"Myself. The essential light that makes up my soul."

"It was beautiful." John paused, eyes closed, remembering. "I
wish I could show you my soul that way, share that with

Stark kissed the sweat from John's temple, drew him closer,
skin to skin.

"You already have."


Author: Powrhug
Pairing: John/Chiana

Title: Looking Glass Revisited

55 word challenge


They lay sprawled on the bed...side-by-side...chests heaving.....lips
spread in foolishly giddy grins of lust and satisfaction.

"So, is this what you meant when you said we would 'come and go
together' Crighton?" Chiana asked, staring at the ceiling.

John burst into laughter, "Close enough babe, close enough."

Title: Untitled--55 word challenge

Author: Babygirl




"Why do you love me?"

"I just do."

"Do you ever wish that I was a Luxan?"

"No. Do you ever wish I was a female?"

"I used to."

"But you don't now?"

"No, I don't"


"Because it doesn't matter, I love you."

"Why do you love me, John."

"I just do."

Title: Untitled --55 word challenge

Author: Laurie

Pairing: John/D'Argo


Let me love you

D'Argo's voice vibrated through his skin his soul
caressing intimate places. His hands grazed over
warmer skin, drew over hardened flesh the moment
between anticipation and fulfillment

Let me love you

Yes John's eyes closed. Caresses turned to erotic
pressure spark turned to flame groans turned to cries

Two became One...

Title: Untitled
Author: Xen

Pairing: D'Argo/Aeryn (sorta)


D'Argo took a shuddering breath.

He knew he shouldn't be here. He knew he shouldn't be touching her.
D'Argo tried to focus, tried to think of his lover, his Brother. He was
in love with John. So why was his hand trembling when he stroked Aeryn's
hair out of her face?

Why couldn't he breathe?

Title: Colors (two parts)
Author: powrhug

Pairing: Zhaan/Chiana

Sinewy limbs intertwined, writhing in a climax of blue on white. Old on young.
Wisdom on passion. Zhaan on Chiana. Chiana on Zhaan. Finding in the other what was lacked in herself, reveling in these differences. And all the while rejoicing in their female oneness. In the knowing and feeling and sameness of their bodies. (55)


Pairing: John/Chiana

What color is she? He wondered as he saw her standing before him, naked for the first time.

Steel blue....kissing...charcole grey....feeling... heat and passion...

His mind went numb as he lost himself inside of her again and again....and in doing so found the answer. (52 words)

Title: Exchange of Goods and Services
Series/Sequel: Alien Anatomies Cycle, Part 0
Author: WitchQueen
Fandom: Farscape
Pairing: Aeryn Sun/Chiana
Rating: PG
Warnings: Chiana is a prostitute.
Date: 12 January 2000
Status: New, Complete
Archive: Please. E-mail me and let me know where my babies end up.
Already been sent to: AFSSAv2.0, Smutscape, LALA, CKOS.
Disclaimer: All or most of the characters in this story are the property
of the makers of Farscape. The sexual organs of the aliens
are original to me, and I would like to be asked before
people use them.
Notes: Answer to the 55 word challenge.
Summary: Aeryn and Chiana make a deal.


"You're a whore. I'd like to buy, Chiana."

"What would you pay me, Aeryn?"

"I can teach you. Kill with only your body. Walk undetected outside
cities and ships. Live without fear."

"What would you buy?"

"A slut, a slave, a toy. My comforter."

"I sell my services, not my self."

"That's all I want."

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