Sex Pollen

Author: Fangrrl

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Rating: Adults Only

Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Disclaimer: Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon, not me. No money is being made.

Written for 10_cliche_fics, prompt: sex pollen

Date: 01/06/07

Xander slams Spike into the bookshelves and is preparing to start yelling again when they hear something thud and a sudden gasp from Willow. They stop arguing and both look up at the same instant, but an instant too late. The jar is already tipping over, and not even vampire reflexes can stop it from showering them both with a fine gold dusting of sticky powder. They glance at each other before turning comically identical expressions of panic and remorse at Willow. Willow moves quickly away and isn't looking them in the eye.

"Willow? What? What were you saying about the powder I'm now covered in?" Xander takes a step towards Willow and she takes a giant step backwards.

"No, Xander! Don't touch any one, or anything! In fact, stop moving entirely!" Willow is definitely freaked, which is freaking Xander out.

"Oh god. You've turned me into something slimy, right? Spike, am I slimy and green, or with scales or oh no! Not horns! Do I have horns?" In his panic he grabs Spike's arm with both hands and Willow starts yelling again.

"No Xander! Don't touch him!"

"It's too late, why what does that do? Will Spike be slimy and horny too? Oh wait, that didn't come out right..."

"Righter than you know..." Willow is mumbling, but Spike's bat ears pick it up. He slaps Xander's hands away and turns on Willow.

"Right, what does that mean, Red? What does this yellow shite do?"

"It's a spell component. It acts like an aphromumblemumble...."

"A WHAT!" Spike yells, which edges Xander even closer to panic.

"An aphrodisiac. A pretty powerful one. For lust spells, and such." Willow's voice is very small.

"Okay, please tell me you just said it causes hysterical deafness. Because I did not just hear you say what I think you just said. 'Cause you said 'aphrodisiac' and something about lust, and I didn't hear that did I?" Xander's hands are flapping around in improbable directions, expressing his desire to flap away the bad stuff. "I touched Spike! And you freaked out! What was that about? Start talking, Missy!"

"Yeah, Red, what's the word." Now Spike is lounging back against a table, smoking a cigarette and looking completely unruffled. Xander thinks it's totally unfair that Spike can look cool at a time like this while he's hysterical and flapping.

"Yeah, Xander, you touched his arm. It's an aphrodisiac. So you two, heh, will probably get all, um, lusty here in a few minutes. You need to wash it off and the effects will wear off on their own in no time at all. Bye!" Willow makes a break for it and runs out the door of the Magic Box, the little bell above the door tinkering in her wake.

"Oh my god. She did not just say that. Tell me she did not just say that." Xander turns panicky eyes on Spike who's looking at Xander with a gleam in his eye that is making Xander's stomach feel funny.

"Yes, she most certainly did say that. Who the hell leaves lust powder sitting around? She was up to something, Harris."

"She probably was, Spike, but whatever it was it doesn't matter because we are now covered in her lust powder and we're going to be all lusty, oh god, for each other! Is that what she meant? What the hell are we going to do?"

Spike shrugs one shoulder and says simply "Shower?"

The drive to Xander's apartment seems to take hours. Xander starts to feel funny as soon as they get in the car. Like his skin is vibrating and that funny feeling in his stomach is still there. Every time he becomes more aware of Spike's presence, when he fiddles with the radio, or pulls out a smoke, his tummy flips again. He's relieved when he pulls into his parking space and makes his way inside. He invites Spike in and bolts for the shower. He takes his time, making sure he gets all the sticky powder out of his hair. Get all the powder out and there will be no lusting. No sir, no lusting at all for the Xan-man. He's lust free, really. He gets out and wraps a towel around his hips and comes out of the bathroom still rubbing at his hair with another towel.

"Your turn, fangless. There might even be some hot water left." Spike flips him off and closes the bathroom door behind him.

When Spike gets out Xander is sitting on the couch still in a towel and his eyes are riveted on the TV. Spike flops down next to him, legs spread wide, taking up as much room as possible. Xander slants a look sideways at him, but doesn't speak. He doesn't move over either. It's his couch and he was here first. He mulishly pushes Spike's bare leg with his own, wanting him to move over and give him some space, but when their skin touches Xander and Spike both gasp at the sensation. It's like being shocked. Pleasure jolts through Xander's body from the point of contact and zings right into his cock. He doesn't move his leg away. Spike reaches out and clasps his hand around Xander's forearm and his eyes widen comically as the sensation increases.

"Do you feel that too?" Spike's voice is pitched low and the sound makes Xander feel shivery all over.

"Yeah, I feel it. What the hell...." He glances up from where Spike's hand is curled around his arm and looks right into intense blue eyes. Xander can't look away from those eyes, it's like being caught in a tractor beam, and his mouth is being pulled closer towards...

Lips. Lips of Spike. And they're so soft, but somehow harder than a girl's. Or maybe it's the kiss that's hard. Xander gently pulls Spike's bottom lip between his own lips to test this theory and yeah. So soft and silky. He pulls back, opening eyes he doesn't remember closing and sees that Spike's eyes are closed, too. Xander slides one hand behind Spike's head to pull him closer and they're kissing again. Kissing more. Deeper and wetter and now there are tongues involved. Spike's tongue is sliding into his mouth and pressing against Xander's tongue and god it's the best thing Xander's ever had in his mouth. He realizes he's breathing too hard and he's making a lot of noise, like uh and oh and there might have been some groaning. But Spike is moaning back, like he's answering Xander and agreeing with every uh.

Seized with sudden panic Xander pushes Spike away.

"Oh god, stop, stop! We can't do this, it's that powder and you are so going to kill me when this wears off, and Anya, and Buffy, and damn it, I'm not gay!"

Spike just rolls his eyes and slides his hands over Xander's legs and up under the towel and Xander groans and gives in and falls back on the couch. He's shuddering all over from the feel of Spike's hands on his thighs and the effects of the powder intensify every single touch until he's a quivering mass of goo.

Spike sort of shimmies his way up Xander's prone body and dives right back into Xander's mouth, but now he's using his hands too. Rubbing them up and down Xander's arms and sliding them into his hair. He tangles his fingers in Xander's hair and tugs his head to the side slightly, kissing him deeper now at this new perfect angle that has Xander hitching his hips and moaning again. Spike impatiently pushes their towels out of the way and when their bare skin touches all over they both stop moving and groan at the sensation. It's almost overwhelming, the pleasure fizzing through Xander's body like shook up soda pop. He's not sure his body can hold this much pleasure without exploding and spurting all over the place and okay, let's get off that train of thought. Xander pulls his mouth away from Spike with a wet sound that goes straight to his cock.

"This is good, yeah, this is okay?"

"Shut up, Harris, your mouth is ruining the moment." Spike was looking him in the eye when he started talking, but now he's staring at Xander's mouth. He touches just the tip of his tongue to Xander's upper lip and Xander gasps. Spike takes advantage of the moment and thrusts his tongue back in Xander's mouth. Xander doesn't think any more words for a long time except yes, and more and oh god, right there. Their hips are moving together and apart, mindless and without rhythm until Spike leans up on his elbows and deliberately drags his cock over Xander's. Xander cries out at the sensation and clutches at Spike's shoulders. He opens his eyes and sees Spike's chest up close and his eyes glaze over. Xander takes a good hard look up and down Spike's naked body and when he finally pulls his eyes back up to Spike's face he's unsurprised by the smug grin.

"See something you like, Xander?"

In answer Xander just groans and grabs Spike's ass and pulls their hips together again, rubbing every bit of skin he can against Spike's. Spike melts over Xander, covering him and burying his face in Xander's neck. They move together for a long time, lost in the sensation of skin on skin. Xander's balls are tight against his body and Spike's cock is right there, hard and warm and rubbing against his cock and Spike's mouth is on his neck, sucking and licking and Xander can't take it anymore. His breath hitches and catches and Spike seems to know and he presses just a little bit harder into Xander and that's it, he's coming, groaning and pressing his mouth into Spike's hair. And Spike is coming too, biting his neck almost a little too hard before wrenching his mouth away from Xander's skin. The sounds he's making are the sexiest thing Xander has ever heard in his life. Then Spike sighs and pushes his face back into Xander's neck, snuffling at him and tasting his skin. Xander runs his hand over the silky skin of Spike's back and tries to get his breath back.

"That was a bit of all right." Spike's voice right in Xander's ear. God, that's sexy. Spike is sexy. How come Xander never noticed Spike was sexy? Okay so maybe he'd noticed. A little.

"Yeah, I guess." Xander tries to sound cool and casual but when Spike snorts he has to smile.

"You guess? That was the best shag you've ever had, Harris, admit it."

"Ha! Not even. Ego maniac."


"What does that even mean? You're just making stuff up now. And that wasn't even...shagging, that was just rubbing, or something."

"Oh, you want shagging, do you?" Spike stands up suddenly and pulls Xander to his feet.

"I didn't say that! I never said that! Where are you taking me?"

Spike pulls Xander into the bedroom and shuts the door behind them. The snick sounds ominous to Xander's ears and he makes a feint towards the door. But Spike just pushes him down on the bed and kneels on the edge.

"Oh come on now, enough with the blushing virgin act. We're past that now, don't you think?"

"It'll wear off, the powder, Willow said it would wear off by itself, so we should just wait..."

"Don't wanna wait. C'mon, Xander, it was fun, yeah? Felt good. Can make you feel even better." Spike is on his hands and knees, stalking Xander across the bed until Xander feels his back hits the headboard. Spike grabs Xander's ankle and pulls him gently so Xander is spread out on his back. Spike reaches over and grabs a tube out of Xander's nightstand drawer.

"Hey! How did nosy little vampire! I should have known you'd go through my stuff..."

"Relax, Nancy. What man doesn't have a little slick next to his bed? Good for a nice wank, yeah? Makes things all slippery..." Spike squeezes some of the gel onto his fingers as a demonstration.

"And just what do you think you're going to do with oh OH!" Xander's brain goes offline when Spike's now very slippery fingers grasp his half hard cock and squeeze. Spike's hand slicks him up and down and Xander's not half hard anymore, he's fully hard and ready to roll. Spike plasters himself all along Xander's side and turns Xander's head towards him for another bone melting kiss. His hand moves slowly over Xander's dick, achingly slowly and not hard enough or fast enough and somehow just right. Xander's arousal kicks up another notch and he's panting against Spike's mouth.

"Faster, Spike, c'mon."

"No." And oh god, that should not be making Xander harder, but it does. Spike keeps stroking him slowly and nibbling at his mouth. Spike seems to like his mouth. Xander loses himself in the kiss and the slow stroking hand on his cock until he feels Spike's hand move down to his balls. Xander spreads his legs a little more and Spike gives his balls a squeeze, and that's just right, just exactly right and Xander spreads his legs just a little more to give Spike some room. Spike keeps his hand there and kisses Xander again, deeper now, then Xander feels a slick finger brush over his asshole. Xander's whole body jerks at the contact. Spike keeps doing it, just circling around and pressing against his hole and he looks up at Xander.

"Spike, I don't..."

"Ssh, let Spike take care of you. I'll make you feel so good, Xander. Won't hurt you, right? C'mon, let me, just let me..." And that slick finger moves in, just a little, and Xander moans.

"I've never, I, oh, oh god, that's..." Xander wants to protest some more, wants to try to stop this, but that finger is distracting. Slowly sliding in and back out just the tiniest bit. It feels weird, but good too.

"That's it, just let me in, Xander, please, just let me..." It's the please that finally does it. Spike never says please. Xander groans and closes his eyes and just lets it happen. Spike's finger slides in and stops. Spike is looking at him when Xander finally opens his eyes again, then Spike crooks his finger and rubs over something that makes Xander yelp in pleasure. It's like being jacked off from the inside, that finger rubbing over that spot over and over and sending jolts of pleasure straight to his cock. Xander thinks he could come just from this, but it would take a long, long time...

"Feels good?" That cocky smirk is back, but it doesn't piss Xander off this time. He's looking up at Spike with something like awe on his face.

"Yeah, feels good. Don't stop." Spike just smiles and slides his finger out, but before Xander can protest he's sliding two fingers in and that burns a little, but Spike goes slow and soon it feels comfortable again. But he wants those fingers back on that spot that's Xander's new favorite body part. Spike is just sliding his fingers in and out, not hitting it, until Xander hitches his hips up, trying to get those fingers where he wants them.

"Now, now. Greedy. Is this what you want?" Spike crooks his fingers again and Xander groans at the sensation. God, so much better with two fingers and it's making Xander think bad, bad thoughts about other bigger things. Bigger things pressing in, things like Spike's cock which is hard against Xander's thigh and Spike must have vampire mind reading powers or something, because the look on his face says he knows exactly what Xander is thinking.

Spike pulls his fingers out and rolls over onto Xander. He pulls Xander's legs up and wraps them around his waist and Xander knows, he knows for sure what happens next, and if he's going to stop this it has to be now.

But he knows he's not going to stop. He doesn't want to.

Spike rubs some more slick over his cock, gasping a little as he does. Spike's cock is pink and hard, and it looks huge, way too big to fit where fingers could barely squeeze in. Xander's heart thumps and he looks up at Spike with what he knows must be an expression of panic. Spike seems to like that look on his face, if the wild-eyed look he's giving him back is any indication. Spike leans over to kiss Xander again and when he does Xander's legs go with him, opening him up even more and Xander feels exposed and slutty and totally turned on.

He feels Spike's cock nudge against his ass and Xander takes a deep breath. He presses in just a little and Xander is surprised that it doesn't hurt more. Spike is watching his face intently and holding himself still. Xander wants him to move, but he doesn't, he seems to be waiting for something, so Xander bears down a bit to try to get him to move and Spike slides in a little further, making them both gasp. Spike is moving now, so slowly, easing himself in and now it's hurting again. Burning and stretching, but Spike doesn't stop. Xander just keeps breathing and groans when Spike slides all the way in and stops, his hips brushing against Xander's ass.

"Okay, Xander?" Spike's mouth is open and he's obviously trying to hold back, and something melts a little inside Xander.

"Yeah, I'm good."

That seemed to be what Spike needed to hear, because he's moving now, just barely pulling out and pressing back in and it still hurts a little, but in a good way now. As he relaxes Spike pulls out more and soon he's pulling almost all the way out before thrusting back in. He starts moving his hips around, trying to get Spike to hit his prostate again and Spike grins like the demon he is and jabs right into it, hard. Xander moans as pleasure floods his body. Spike keeps doing it, thrusting into that spot over and over and Xander is lost. He grabs onto Spike's shoulders for leverage and moves his hips up in counterpoint to Spike's thrusts. And they're fucking, oh god, he's being fucked by Spike and it's so good he's going to come, just from this, from Spike's dick in his ass. Spike reaches between them and strokes Xander's cock and that's it, he's groaning and coming so hard he thinks his ears pop. And that seems to set Spike off because he's thrusting faster now and groaning too, and he stiffens and gasps in a high-pitched voice Xander's never heard before then collapses on top of Xander.

They lie there like that while they come down, Xander's hands resting on the small of Spike's back. Spike has nuzzled his face into Xander's neck again, and maybe he should be a bit worried about how much Spike likes his neck, but Xander's brain is still offline. Their breathing evens out, and they both fall asleep.

When they wake up they're still plastered to each other. Xander's arms are wrapped around Spike and Spike has one leg over Xander. It's warm and comfortable and Xander feels little flickers of pleasure all through his body. That was some good sex, right there.

The phone rings, jarring Xander fully awake and he jumps up to answer it.


"Hey Xander, it's me. Are you okay? Did anything, you know, happen?"

Xander draws a blank for a moment, wondering how the hell Willow knows he slept with Spike, before he remembers the lust powder and how this is all her fault.

"Hey, Will. Yeah, I'm okay. I showered and nothing happened. Went to bed."

"Oh. Well. That's good. What about Spike?" She almost sounds disappointed. What's that about.

"What about him?" The him in question strolls out of Xander's bedroom looking completely edible, with the bedhead and sleepy eyes. He digs his cigarettes out of his jacket and lights up, flopping down on the couch and looking up at Xander warily.

"Is he okay? No effects from the powder?"

"I don't know, you'll have to ask him." Spike snorts and Xander shoots him a wild look of panic, meaning shut up, you.

"Okay, I'll ask him later I guess. Are you sure you're okay Xander, you seem a little, I dunno, are you mad at me?" Willow is using her little girl, please don't be mad at me voice.

"Not mad, Willow. Just woke up and I need coffee, that's all."

"Xander, it's one in the afternoon. You just got up? Are you sure you're okay?"

"I'm fine, just enjoying my day off and sleeping in. I'm gonna go get that coffee, okay? Talk to you later?"

"Okay, bye Xander."

Xander hangs up and flops down next to Spike on the couch and they regard each other nervously for a minute.

"So you think it's worn off yet?"

"Probably. Should probably check, though, just to make sure."

"Yeah, okay." Spike reaches over and clasps his hand over Xander's knee. Xander feels his skin humming all over from the touch, but it doesn't seem as overwhelming as it did last night. But still, shouldn't it be completely gone?

"Feel anything?" Spike is watching him carefully. Xander just smiles at him and nods.

"Feel something. But it's not the powder, is it?" Spike smiles slowly back at him, and shakes his head.

"Just good old fashioned chemistry, I think." Xander nods in agreement, then tackles Spike in a hug and kisses him.

"You told them what?" Tara sounds scandalized.

"I told them it was lust powder."

"Willow! Why would you do that?"

"I don't know, I just wanted them to stop fighting. They were knocking things over in the Magic Box and yelling at each other and I thought if I could distract them for a while they would cool off. And I guess it worked, Xander said he hasn't seen Spike since."

"Well, that's good. But Willow, what if they'd, you know, thought it worked?"

"Well, then they'd be too busy to argue, right?"

Tara just shakes her head.

"Are you going to tell them the truth?"

"No, why? Do you think I should?"

the end



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