Author: Fangrrl

Pairing: Angel/Lorne

Rating: Teen

Fandom: Angel the series

Disclaimer: Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon, not me. No money is being made.

Date: 09-21-01

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Warnings: none, well, except for the awful title. My apologies to Patti LaBelle.

"Come on gorgeous, you can stare at yourself in my grandmother's glass eye. Oh, and while we're here it's just Lorne, OK. To the people of Pylea a host is just one more thing to lay your eggs in."

"Yeah, yeah, fine, hey, can you get my coat?"


The Host helps me into my coat and I feel his fingers press into my shoulders a moment too long. He touches me a lot, more than Cordy or Wes and Gunn, maybe more than anyone. He doesn't flinch when he feels how cold my skin is, like humans do. He doesn't seem to notice.

His hands are always hot. Right now I can still feel the heat of his fingers imprinted on my shoulders, even though he's not touching me anymore. I wonder about what he just said. He called me gorgeous. He wasn't just saying that, right, he was being serious, wan't he? I turn to face him and ask,

"Hey, Lorne, did you mean what you said back there, I mean, are you...?"

"Am I flirting? Well, maybe a little." And he's smiling and walking towards me and this isn't what I meant at all, is it?

"Hey Joe, you wanna give it a go?" He's grinning and moving closer to me now, so close I can feel his heat lick at me. So I take a step back, and he keeps coming closer so I have to keep walking until my back is against the wall and I wonder for a moment why I'm so distracted by my hair that I've let Wesley and now Lorne man-handle me around like this. Then he has me pressed against the wall and his thigh is between my legs and that feels so good I stop thinking about anything except how so very, very hot he feels. And this is confusing, this isn't what I want. Is this what I want?

My body is just soaking it up, soaking in the heat rolling off his body in waves, sucking up his warmth like I'm feeding off it, and I feel the heat all the way into my veins, pulsing, and my body feels the way it used to after a good kill, pumped and throbbing. I feed off his heat, and I like it, I fucking love it, it's like hot blood pulsing down my throat, racing along my veins like red hot wires...

And then the heat is gone and I want it back, so I open my eyes and realize I'm panting, big gulps of air I don't need, and I'm wearing my game face and Lorne is slowly backing away from me. He looks startled and bemused and he holds his hands up as he moves further away. I don't want that, I want to feel that throbbing heat thing again, so don't go away, but he keeps moving. Away. I don't want that.

"Hey, didn't mean to get your hackels up, Hot Stuff. You want to keep things professional, I can dance to that."

I take a deep breath and feel my face relax. If I concentrate I can still feel where he was touching me, thigh pressed hard between my legs. My skin is still warm from his touch. If I closed my eyes I could pretend he's still pressed up against me.

But he's not, he's standing way over there, waiting for me, and his expression completely confuses me. I don't know what he's waiting for. He looks expectant and a little flustered, but he also looks like he's trying not to laugh.

"What?" I finally ask.

"We're supposed to go ask my family if they've seen any portals so we can get back to La La land?"

"Oh right. Yeah. The portals, right."

I follow him out of the castle, trying to keep my focus on the mission, but I can't keep my eyes off him. His skin was just so warm. And he touches me, more than anyone else.




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