Title: Death Do Us Part

Author: Fangrrl

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Rating: R

Summary: Spike thinks about love and marriage

It was a lovely ceremony. Humans say things like that, things that mean nothing, but they say them anyway because it hurts too much to say nothing. Have to fill up those empty spaces with warm, fluffy words.

Willow did look beautiful, though. The girls wore matching ivory silk dresses and Willow had tiny pearls in her hair and in her ears. Looked good enough to eat, both of them. If Spike was still that kind of vampire. He's not, but he'll admit that he thought about how lovely that slip of a dress would look with a slash of red down the front.

He'll admit it to himself, anyway.

What would Xander's face look like if he told him what he was thinking right now? He'd try to look shocked, but these days he spends too much time with Spike to be shocked by anything Spike has to say about blood or eating people. Too bad, that. Winding up Xander is always a good time.

Spike looks at where Xander is slumped over on the couch, still wearing his tux but sound asleep. The blinds behind the couch are wide open, and Xander is napping with the warm afternoon sunlight over him like a blanket. He looks comfortable, and so young, his face relaxed and sweet. He looks happy.

They are all so young and happy. Celebrating love and marriage and being together until death do us part. Silly words that fill up the empty spaces, words to cover up the truth that everyone dies alone.

Spike knows a little something about love and death.

He can love Xander until death do us part. But he can't even touch him right now.



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