Title: Closet

Author: Fangrrl

Rating: teen, slash

Ghost Hunters

Pairing: Jason/Grant

Summary: A close encounter that never happened

Date: 08/24/07

This story is fiction, and a work of parody. No money being made, and no infringement intended.


The crawl space is too small to stand upright. Grant follows the light from Jason's camera and tries to keep from getting dust and cobwebs and who knows what else in his hair from the unfinished ceiling.

"Hey, there's a door." Jason tries the knob and it opens. The doorway is narrow, like a broom closet. Grant doesn't remember the homeowner saying anything about a door in the attic, but since most of the activity seems to come from this area, it makes sense to check it out.

The closet is tiny, barely large enough for both of them to squeeze into. And as soon as Grant is all the way in and trying to find his bearings in the tiny space, the door shuts behind him with a click that sounds loud in the suddenly pitch black closet.

Grant immediately turns around to try to open the door, but Jason has turned at the same time and their shoulders get wedged somehow and Grant moves around until his back is against the rough wooden wall. Jason tries the door and the dull click lets Grant know that it is, of course, locked, or at least not opening. Great.

There's no where to go in the tiny room, so when Jason gives up on the door and turns to talk to Grant, they end up face to face, inches apart, which feels weird and intimate even though it's too dark to see Jason's face. He thinks it's weird enough without having to see how uncomfortable Jason is with the situation.

"Steve will figure it out. They know we're up here." Jason sounds confident, but he's talking just a bit too loud. Grant's right in his face after all.

"Yeah, any minute now. Can you get to your radio?"

"I didn't bring it. You?"

"Nope. Guess we'll just have to wait." Grant tries to match Jason's tone, but he's nervous, a bit, and his voice goes too high at the end. Grant takes a deep breath to calm down, and Jason does the same thing and they are suddenly pressed closely together, chests brushing firmly and Grant tries to back up, out of Jason's space, but there's no where to go.

The tension in the room is making it hard to breathe, and Grant wonders if Jason can tell his heart is beating too fast. That would be embarrassing. Jason's shoulders seem huge pressed just barely against him, and he can feel them even if he can't seem them. It feels like Jason is looming over him, menacing and Grant gets the strangest feeling that Jason is pissed, maybe wants to hurt him, and he tries to get a hold of himself, because it's just Jason. His friend. He's pissed, yeah, but not at him. Grant forgets, and takes another deep breath and holds it for a second even though that means they're pressed against each other again. He lets it out slowly and he doesn't think, he just does what feels right, and melts back against the wall and lets his head tilt to the side. And Jason just sort of goes with him, pressing him back and nosing at his cheek, a touch so soft Grant barely feels it. Jason whispers, "Grant" and sighs, and Grant thinks Jason is smelling his neck.

Grant closes his eyes and wonders what the hell is happening when there's a loud bang on the door and Brian yelling "Are you guys in there?" The door swings open and Jason shoulders his way out, already glaring at Brian.

Grant pushes away from the wall, shakes his head quickly to clear his mind, and follows Jason.




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